Our approach is to prove that an idea or compound works!
This is called obtaining proof of concept (POC). The POC phase is the phase in the development of a drug in which the value of the compound increases most. This is illustrated in table 1.

Table 1.

On average obtaining POC will cost 7.5 million € but will increase the value of the compound with 50 million €. A Return Of Investment of 600%.

POC can be obtained both in predictive animal models and in small scale clinical studies. Performing these studies is our expertise.

Chardon Pharma combines a number of activities:

  • We scout for new ideas that require proof of concept studies before they can be commercialized (scouting)
  • We invest intellectually in these ideas by bringing in our scientific and drug development expertise (consultancy).
  • We invest in these ideas financially via our business angels network (investment).
  • We perform the proof of concept studies (preclinical, phase I, phase IIA) (CRO).
  • We write and file patents for the ideas (patent application).
  • We bring the inventor in contact with an industrial partner (match making).

Chardon Pharma is an incubator that invests in new ideas and projects. Successful projects will be spun-off in separate companies with external funding.